Dashwood Studio is a small UK design house set up in 2013 with one simple aim: to bring you innovative, contemporary fabrics that will challenge and inspire your creative soul.

Dashwood Studio spends a lot of time sourcing brilliant design talent and collaborating with great artists to bring their wonderful artworks to life.

  • Circle Lines

    Circle Lines (12)

    Circle Line ‘Rayons’ by Rachel Parker Rayon – 120g/sqm Please note rolls are 15 metres! Eta Nov 2020!
  • Coordinate

    Coordinate (16)

    Breeze & Elements  by Jo Cocker Quilting Cotton – 145g/sqm Eta Feb 2021!
  • Farm Days

    Farm Days (6)

    Farm Days by Kate Jones Quilting Cotton – 145g/sqm Eta Apr 2021!
  • Hobbies

    Hobbies (6)

    Hobbies by Sally Payne Quilting Cotton – 145g/sqm Eta Jan 2021!
  • Lazy Days

    Lazy Days (6)

    Lazy Days by Louise Cunningham Quilting Cotton – 145g/sqm Eta Feb 2021!
  • Our Planet

    Our Planet (8)

    Our Planet by Bethan Janine Quilting Cotton – 145g/sqm Eta Jan 2021!
  • Rock Pool

    Rock Pool (6)

    Rock Pool by Rosalind Maroney Quilting Cotton – 145g/sqm Eta Mar 2021!
  • Ace Lawn

    Ace Lawn (18)

    by Fizah Malik for Dashwood Studio
  • Aviary

    Aviary (8)

    Aviary by Bethan Janine
  • Celeste

    Celeste (4)

    Celeste by Ali Brookes for Dashwood Studio Celeste weaves a story of birds, butterflies, and magical winged horses flying amongst the planets and stars in a pretty soft colourway with hints of metallic gold. See if you can spot the rarest creature of all: the heavenly unicorn!
  • Fiesta

    Fiesta (4)

    Fiesta by Stephanie Thannhauser for Dashwood Studio Siesta, Fiesta! All night long! Steph’s new collection of bold, colourful prints featuring Senoritas, fiery chillis and bright folksy florals captures the Mexican vibe nicely. These fun prints are guaranteed to spice up your Summer sewing projects.
  • Gardenia

    Gardenia (10)

    Rayon / Viscose
  • Habitat

    Habitat (8)

    Habitat by Sally Payne
  • Hibernate

    Hibernate (5)

    Hibernate by Stephanie Thannhauser
  • Into the Blue

    Into the Blue (2)

    Into the Blue by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio Dive in to a magical underwater kingdom, swimming with whales, turtles and jellyfish. Shoals of pretty fish, cute narwhals and seahorses hiding amongst the coral add a sense of fun to this deep blue collection.
  • Midnight Garden

    Midnight Garden (8)

    Midnight Garden by Jilly P for Dashwood Studio Loosely based on nature, the prints in Jilly’s new collection Midnight Garden feature birds, clouds, florals and abstracts. Produced in a monochrome palette of the darkest ink and ecru with touches of metallic that give the collection an air of calm and sophistication.
  • Night Jungle

    Night Jungle (7)

    Night Jungle by Elena Essex for Dashwood Studio The Jungle can be a dangerous place at night; can you spot who’s lurking in the main print? Lucy’s new collection, Night Jungle, in a palette of dark green hues with pops of vibrant pink conveys an air of magic and mystery. Leopards, tigers and exotic birds feature in these lovely new…
  • Snow Much Fun

    Snow Much Fun (6)

    Snow Much Fun by Sarah Knight
  • Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze (2)

    Summer Breeze by Sarah Knight for Dashwood Studio Sarah’s new collection, Summer Breeze, celebrates spending long, lazy days in the woods surrounded by birds and animals basking in the summer sunshine amongst the trees and wild flowers.